Judging Panel
Chelsia LAU
Design Director, Mobility
Ford Motor Company
United States
Lau is an Automotive Designer with over 28 years of global design experience, and has worked in design studios around the globe including North America, Europe, and China. Currently Lau is the Design Director, Ford Smart Mobility responsible for developing innovative Mobility Solutions/Ecosystem through Human-centric thinking and design. Her design philosophy is to imbue each design with a soul and personality that fuels the imagination, dreams and emotions. Drawing inspiration from Nature to achieve unique design elements, her expression of the modern aesthetic can be experienced through the blend of speed, timelessness and sophistication of her designs. Lau has earned professional recognition and praise for her business acumen and leadership in the field of design, including ‘Top 40 World’s Excellent Females’ in 2011 by U+ Weekly and New York Times, ‘25 of Hong Kong’s Most Inspiring and Influential Women’ by the South China Morning Post in 2012 and ‘DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer’ in 2006.