Judging Panel
Julia CHIU
Professor, Global Design Strategist
Musashino Art University

A global strategy producer, Chiu is a Professor at Musashino Art University. Her specialty is integrating design, technology and business for global, inter-disciplinary collaborations in healthy ageing. Chiu was Director of the International Design Center NAGOYA (IdcN) and served on the Mayor's Advisory Council on implementing the ten-year strategic plan (2010-2020) for the future of Nagoya City and on the strategic visions for the economic development of Central Japan Region as a whole. Chiu also served as President of Ico-D (International Council of Design) and the Executive Board of WDO (World Design Organization), and has worked with governments and academic institutions across Europe, North America, and the Pacific Rim to implement design policies and strategic visions for the development of their creative industries.